Sturtium Informatics System


The Sturtium Informatics System was developed for the collection of data on environmental, infrastructure and service delivery issues experienced by South African citizens. Use this app to report issues within the available categories. Reported issues will be available for viewing on the system by service providers and municipalities. Make sure to include your correct town or city when reporting



Why should I use this app?
Maintaining the well-being of citizens requires data relevant to the management or infrastructure such as sewerage systems and traffic lights, natural resources such as freshwater rivers and streams, and services such as waste management. Through this app, citizens can become active in ensuring that when a part of the system breaks, it is easier to know what the problem is, where and how to fix it. 
What can I report?
Some of the issues which can be reported in each category are given below. This is not an exhaustive list and other relevant information may be reported.  Waste Management:
  • Illegal dumping 
  • Sewer line issues
  • Hazardous materials
  • Waste management service delivery issues 
Water Management: 
  • Water contamination
  • Burst pipes and leaks
  • Wastewater issues
  • Water pollution
  • Illegal waste disposal in water resources
  • Supply and sanitation issues 
Energy Management:
  • Illegal connections
  • Electricity hazards
  • Malfunctions
  • Supply issues 
Which areas can I send in reports for?
The app is currently for use in South Africa only. While data can be sent in for any city, town of municipal area, not all municipalities may be participants for incorporating the system into optimizing management and service delivery. 
Images do not display when I select them for uploading
Images which are larger in size may not display in the upload form. However, if the correct image was selected, it will still be uploaded to the system when the form is submitted. 
How to do I enter the location
Click the location button and the coordinates will automatically display once the GPS signal is received. Ensure that you have enabled GPS functioning for the app and that you are connected to the internet. Ensure that the location that is being entered is the location of the issue being reported so that the relevant individuals may find the problem source. If you cannot get the exact location of the issue, a close area will suffice. 


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