Environment and Agriculture

With Science, Engineering and Management expertise, STURTIUM offers clients custom solutions to challenges involving the design of environmental, agricultural and rural development projects 
Farm Outfitting

STURTIUM will assess your operation and identify areas in need of optimization and implementation of new equipment. We will then design a suitable layout, source the necessary technology or materials, and guide you in the installation and application

Agricultural Systems Design

From general agricultural operations to small scale urban systems, we offer clients custom designs to suit their unique needs. Our inter-disciplinary team can cover design topics ranging from animal and plant care to food processing and supply chain optimization

Soil and Water Conservation Systems

Soil and Water are fundamental components of the environment and vital for agriculture, community welfare and economic development. Soil loss, water contamination and wastage pose a threat to any operation. STURTIUM can design systems for clients to prevent and manage these issues, reducing the need for costly management

Drought Planning and Management

Our team can assess the needs of your operation environment and design a layout integrating smart water and agrohydrological management plans with storage and conservation systems capable of resisting the harmful effects of low rainfall and other climatic issues

Rural Development

If your company or organization is embarking on a rural development initiative or your community needs assistance in formulating a development strategy, we can help. Let us design a layout and implementation plan for bringing about improvements to your target community, using an integrated approach which considers human needs, the environment, risk mitigation and modernization

Vertical Farming and Hydroponic Systems

The STURTIUM vertical farming system is ideal for growth of multiple plants, including vegetable produce, herbs and cannabis, in a small floor space. Our system is compact, requires minimal maintenance and is considerably cheaper than most similar products on the market. It is suitable for both home owners and commercial growers, with a gravity-fed base design which requires no electricity. Contact us for more information and inquiries for installation or custom layouts  

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